In 1955 a small fire started in a corner of the Lutheran church . The fire
department covering the area at the time was called. Meanwhile the
people of the town got together to move as many things out of the church
as they could. However the fire trucks didn't arrive for more than a half
hour and it burned to the ground.

The people of Saxeville decided it was time for the Saxeville area to have
a fire department of their own, the movement was soon underway. At the
Corner House Restaurant on April 2, 1957 several civic minded men met
over a cup of coffe in reguard to forming a volunteer fire department. To
get things up and rolling  a motion was passed that required each member
to contribute one dollar a week for two weeks. When the two week period
was completed eighteen dollars had been collected.

The next meeting of the fire department was held on August 15,1957 to
incorporate the fire department by requirements of section  213.15 of the
Wisconsin State Statutes under the name of Saxeville - Springwater Fire
Engine Company Inc. The first election of the department on record was
held on September 10, 1957.  On Oct 16, 1957 the new organization
purchased property consisting of lots 8 and 9, block 5 Saxeville.

The fire station was built in 1957-58. The first year there were only walls a
roof and a dirt floor, improvements where made gradually throughout the
years including bathrooms, kitchen facilities and several additions. In 1957
Camp Napawan donated the first fire truck a 1948 Buffalo Pumper. In 1958
a 1948 International K-5 Tanker was aquired. In 1964 after a rash of grass
fires the need for a brush rig was discovered, Camp Napawan came
through again and donated a 1954 Willy's Jeep which was converted into
the needed unit. In 1964 the Annual Chicken BBQ and Pancake Supper
were first held.

             A look to the future....
Many changes have occured since the early days of the
Saxeville-Springwater Fire Dept. The amount of training and the amount of
time members have to spend at the department are two examples of those
changes. For instance all structual fire fighters are required to have a
minimum of 60 hours of class room training, which usually consists of
several 2 - 4 hour classes held on weeknights and weekends. The
department also holds four meetings every month work night, fire training,
rescue training and the monthly business meeting. It is not uncommon to
have an extra week night or saturday used for training throughout the
year. Members have to work the time they spend at the department in with
employment and family life plus be ready to respond on calls.

Posssibly the most important change is the addtion of First Responders
and Rescue to our offered services.Our First Responders respond to all
ambulance calls in our area. We are also capable of handling several
other kinds of non fire emergencies, such as motor vehicle accident
extracation, Ice rescue and open water rescue.It has taken serveral hours
of additional training and with the help from donations and grants we have
been able to purchase equipment and the training needed to respond to
these types of calls.

Community support, continuouse training and the addition of modern
equipment will make it possible for the Saxeville-Springwater Fire
Department to effectively and proudly serve our area for many years to